Pharma Cold Chain Solutions

What is Export Cold Chain Logistics?
Export cold chain logistics is the seamless movement of perishable goods..

  • Requiring temperature and/or environment controls to maintain product quality, integrity, suitability and [often] safety
  • From supplier to customer and consumer
  • Accounting for all the functions including meeting regulatory requirements, preparing the product for export, packaging, packing, transport, handling, cold storage, distribution, delivery and placement at point of sale
Cold Chain Breaks
  • Production Facility
  • During Transport to Pack house
  • When Processing
  • Waiting for and Loading to Transport
  • During transport (if unrefrigerated)
  • Unloading from Transport at the airport cold store
  • When moving the dolly on tarmac
  • Awaiting loading to the aircraft
  • When Loading the aircraft
  • In flight
  • When unloading the aircraft
  • When moving dolly to the terminal
  • In transit through the terminal
  • At the breakdown point in the terminal
  • When Loading the truck
  • During road transport (if unrefrigerated)
  • When unloading the truck

Key areas of concern involving Freight Logistics

Product out-turn: with significant failures in the cold chain being caused by inadequate packaging at point of shipment, damaged goods, lack of cold storage prior to shipment and during transhipment, failure to place product in cold storage on arrival prior to clearance, failure to use refrigerated transport after clearance and failure of shipping reefers to maintain temperature tolerances.

Erosion of commercial advantage: occurring in cases of poor freight service reliability through last minute changes to schedules, schedule slippage, service cancellation (air freighters), missed transshipment connections, industrial disputes and inaccurate time of arrival information

Efficient inventory control :compromised by cargo delays, caused by late or inaccurate documentation, incorrect labelling, poor knowledge of clearance requirements or lack of a cargo expediter at the overseas destination


  • Constant temperature-controlled transportation
  • An unbroken temperature chain is secured by providing Cool-Containers to the customers for the entire journey. From loading at shipper's to unloading at consignee's premises
  • Channel Freight Provides End – To – End Cold Chain Solution
  • Temperature-sensitive handling on ground / Transit storage
  • Special Ground Handling Processes
  • Time definite Service
  • Special pro-active communication
  • Track & Trace on the Internet
  • Documentation of the transportation chain